About Us

Our Mission

We never take a shortcut or "cheat" the system.

We always play by the rules and deliver quality, honest results.

We are licensed and registered for all residential/commercial projects in Massachusetts.

In an industry rife with bad players, we are making a difference - one satisfied customer at a time.

Commitment to Value

We offer Consulting, Design, Build, and Management services for our clients that deliver high-quality, long-term value instead of quick, low-cost bidding.

Proven Process

We focus on your project from start to finish to ensure the results satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Our process keeps your project on-time and on-budget.

Peace of Mind

We are properly licensed, registered, and insured to ensure the work is done properly, responsibly, and legally - every time.

Matt Cicciari, President

About CCRE Construction

Growing up with a Registered Architect & Construction Manager in the family, construction was a big part of everyday life. From a very young age, I got to visit job sites and hold the end of the tape measure. As I grew up, my projects advanced from building forts, to managing weekend projects during college to pay the bills, to working for a residential/commercial construction company during summer breaks.

Years later, with a Mechanical Engineering degree from RPI, combined with an MBA from Babson, I helped turnaround a friend's struggling luxury residential construction company. In less than 2 years, operations were streamlined, customer satisfaction skyrocketed, and profitability increased from 12% to more than 90%. In the process, I became a highly-skilled interior finish carpenter for $1.5M+ homes.

Additionally, I have been a Property Manager for a luxury townhouse since 2014.

I am excited to share my passion for honest, quality home improvement and real estate development.

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